Life Pilgrim


Via Agrippa

This website is dedicated to my journeys as a life pilgrim. On the next page you will find the blog of my walk from Canterbury to Rome from July to October, 2016, along the Via Francigena. You can get alerts of new blog posts on Facebook or Twitter.

Following a health scare, my wife and I determined that life must have ‘adventure’. Walking towards and beyond the horizon, day after day – making journeys – seemed the most literal manifestation of ‘adventure’. Thus, we together walked Hadrian’s Wall in 2013 and St Cuthbert’s Way in 2014.

To mark my retirement and sixtieth birthday, I extended the notion to mark a rite of passage in transition to the so-called ‘third age’ – I would walk from Canterbury to Rome, between my sixtieth birthday and our thirtieth wedding anniversary.

The irony of my walking, effectively from Calais to The Mediterranean, whilst others, especially children, struggle so badly in generally the opposite direction was not however lost. (90% of the child refugees travel alone, with all the vulnerabilities that entails.) I decided I should attempt to raise money for Save the Children, who strive to support them. If you feel able to do so, you can find out how to sponsor me here.

The blog will attempt to reflect what happens to me on the journey, how all that time and distance, the reading and the silence, and the sudden exposure to difference, how all of that gets processed internally, whilst the body deals with the discomfort and joy of doing the walking itself.

I would be delighted to hear from anyone responding to my blog or with an interest in the project. Please feel free to contact me. Contact details can be found here.