Reims to Brienne le Chateau

I want the data: how many people actually do this walk? I keep hearing there are a lot this year – this being for Catholics the Jubilee of Mercy, the 27th such holy year in church history, with an additional exhortation to embark on pilgrimage. But how many people is that?

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Doing the Hokey Cokey!

The last thing I do before I leave for Rome, is write this post…

Doing the Hokey Cokey

Readers of my last post may recall the fuss surrounding a slight injury to the Achilles of my left foot. Subsequent to that, silence fell, the Dark Ages descended: I couldn’t quite bring myself to offer detail of the tedium of waiting for this foot to get better.

Well, it’s better, if not best. I’m still conscious of it, it aches a bit after walking, but I have come to the belief that I can go. There is no certainty it won’t let me down but I can’t wait; I don’t want to be crossing the Alps in October or arriving in Rome in December. If it won’t work, then so be it; I shall return in the spring. I will do this thing!

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